Episode Thirteen - Matt Bearden

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Episode Thirteen welcomes mustachioed comedian Matt Bearden on the show to discuss Austin comedy, no homo, Supercuts, and facial hair.

Here's what The Onion has to say about Matt:

Proving that one can be both self-loathing and cocky without creating some sort of personality paradox, Matt Bearden is one of those comedians whose best jokes are at the expense of himself—although he’s also so quick with a snarky aside that most of the audience is laughing before they realize they’ve just been insulted. Bearden thankfully eschews bits and shtick, preferring semiautobiographical stories delivered in a gripping, breathless patter and full of tossed-off, dry witticisms that lesser comics would build whole sets around. The fact that he never dumbs it down has made him a favorite among those who worship the smart, sarcastic humor of comics like Patton Oswalt and Paul F. Tompkins. --Dec, 2008