Mondays Don't Suck Vlog Number Three!

With guest Shane Parks!

MDS Vlog Number Three from Cameron Buchholtz on Vimeo.

Mondays Don't Suck Vlog Number Two

Last week after 796 Entertainment's awesome weekly comedy show Mondays Don't Suck, I sat down with Dan O'Donoghue, BradChad Porter, and James Nghiem to drunkenly discuss the show and other random stuff, all thirteen year old girl bedroom vlog style.

MDS Vlog Number Two from Cameron Buchholtz on Vimeo.

We're back!

(Apologies if the sound quality isn't quite up to par. We're still trying to figure out our new setup.)

Listen Now:

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So I have been doing a REALLY terrible job updating this the past few weeks. I could make some sort of excuse, but reality is that I'm just lazy. I've still been performing a few times a week and have written a ton recently. I'm really happy with not only the amount of new material I've been writing, but also the quality of it. It's really exciting that I can actually feel myself improving at this whole stand up thing. This coupled with the awesome shows I'm going to be taking part in the next week or so has me on a bit of a comedy high.

Upcoming Shows:
6/22 - Othello's, Norman OK
6/27 - Suzy's Loung, Ardmore OK
6/29 - 51st St. Speakeasy, OKC OK (My first headlining set!)
6/30 - Othello's, Norman OK
7/1 - Loony Bin Comedy Club, OKC OK

Also, here's a video of my set at the Opolis Comedy Night from a few weeks ago. I'm already a bit embarrassed about it, but whatever.
OPOLIS 5/29/09

Here's to hoping I'll be better at keeping this thing updated. A new teenage girl style vlog with the 796 Entertainment guys and the return of the Escalator Temporarily Stairs podcast will be up shortly.