Goodbye Oklahoma

Yup, I'm moving. Finger tattoo be damned. As of this coming Friday, I will be a resident of Austin, Texas. That's why my calendar is looking so thin. I'm going to be spending the coming months hitting every open mic I can in Austin trying to get established in that scene.

But before I leave I am doing a four night run of performing in OKC that pretty much encapsulates my time doing comedy here. The very first time I stepped on stage was at Othello's in Norman. The first time I ever got paid doing comedy was at the 51st. St. Speakeasy. The first comedy club I ever performed at was the Loony Bin. And the first time I performed in a theater was at the City Arts Center. I really hope to see all my Oklahoma friends out at one of these shows.

Monday, August 30th - City Arts Center 7 p.m. (w/Todd Barry)
Tuesday, August 31st - Othello's
Wednesday, September 1st - Loony Bin Comedy Club
Thursday, September 2nd - Thursday's Don't Suck at the 51st. St. Speakeasy

Episode Forty welcomes comedian Todd Barry. Recorded at Todd's apartment in New York City.

Be sure to check out Todd at the City Arts Center in Oklahoma City this Monday, August 30th 2010. I'll be opening.

Episode Thirty Nine - Kyle Kinane & Derek Smith

Episode Thirty Nine welcomes comedians Kyle Kinane & Derek Smith. Recorded at the 51st St. Speakeasy in Oklahoma City, OK.

Episode Thirty Eight - Paul F. Tompkins

Episode Thirty Eight welcomes dandy comedian Paul F. Tompkins back to the show. BradChad Porter, Spencer Hicks, and Dan Skaggs also make appearances. Recorded at the City Arts Center in Oklahoma City, OK.