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Episode Forty Two - Matt Ruby & Jared Logan

Episode Forty Two welcomes comedians Matt Ruby & Jared Logan. Recorded at O'Hanlon's Pub in New York City.

Apologies for the audio issues on this episode.

Episode Forty One - Anthony Jeselnik

Episode Forty One welcomes comedian Anthony Jeselnik. Recorded at Anthony's office in New York City.

Goodbye Oklahoma

Yup, I'm moving. Finger tattoo be damned. As of this coming Friday, I will be a resident of Austin, Texas. That's why my calendar is looking so thin. I'm going to be spending the coming months hitting every open mic I can in Austin trying to get established in that scene.

But before I leave I am doing a four night run of performing in OKC that pretty much encapsulates my time doing comedy here. The very first time I stepped on stage was at Othello's in Norman. The first time I ever got paid doing comedy was at the 51st. St. Speakeasy. The first comedy club I ever performed at was the Loony Bin. And the first time I performed in a theater was at the City Arts Center. I really hope to see all my Oklahoma friends out at one of these shows.

Monday, August 30th - City Arts Center 7 p.m. (w/Todd Barry)
Tuesday, August 31st - Othello's
Wednesday, September 1st - Loony Bin Comedy Club
Thursday, September 2nd - Thursday's Don't Suck at the 51st. St. Speakeasy

Episode Forty welcomes comedian Todd Barry. Recorded at Todd's apartment in New York City.

Be sure to check out Todd at the City Arts Center in Oklahoma City this Monday, August 30th 2010. I'll be opening.

Episode Thirty Nine - Kyle Kinane & Derek Smith

Episode Thirty Nine welcomes comedians Kyle Kinane & Derek Smith. Recorded at the 51st St. Speakeasy in Oklahoma City, OK.

Episode Thirty Eight - Paul F. Tompkins

Episode Thirty Eight welcomes dandy comedian Paul F. Tompkins back to the show. BradChad Porter, Spencer Hicks, and Dan Skaggs also make appearances. Recorded at the City Arts Center in Oklahoma City, OK.

Final Vote - OK Gazette's Best Local Comedy Act

Spencer Hicks, Leah Kayajanian, and myself made the finals of the OK Gazette's "Best of OKC" in the "Best Comedian or Comedy Troupe" category. Voting for me would be just splendid, but I care more about you just voting for one of us. It's an all-for-one/one-for-all kind of thing. We just want a comedian to win, not white rappers (Twinprov) or the hosts of cable-access style movie show (2 Movie Guys).

The category is #48 and you can vote HERE. Voting ends July 28th.

Episode Thirty Seven - Matt Davis

Episode Thirty Seven welcomes comedian Matt Davis. Recorded at the Loony Bin Comedy Club condo in Little Rock, AR.

Episode Thirty Six - Ron Shock

Episode Thirty Six welcomes comedy legend and original member of the "Texas Outlaw Comics" Ron Shock. Comedians Spencer Hicks and Johnny Kavanaugh also make appearances. Recorded at the Loony Bin Comedy Club in Oklahoma City.

Doug Benson in OKC

Thanks to everyone who came out to the City Arts Center last week to see Doug Benson, Graham Elwood, Leah Kayajanian, and myself. It far exceeded my expectations.

Episode Thirty Five - Caitlin Turner & Zach Smith

Episode Thirty Five welcomes actress Caitlin Turner and comedian Zach Smith. Recorded at Blu Bistro & Wine Bar in Norman, OK.

Episode Thirty Four - Adam Hunter & Vince Martin

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Episode Thirty Four welcomes comedians Adam Hunter (Last Comic Standing, Man Up Stand Up) and Vince Martin (Bob & Tom). Recorded at the Loony Bin Comedy Club in Wichita, KS.

Comedy in Oklahoma City is moving forward at a rapid pace. Need proof? How about the OKGazette finally adding "Best Comedian" as a category in their annual Best of OKC survey. Make sure to vote for your favorite! (it's category #48)

And if you'd like to see a list of all of OKC's best comedians you can do so here:

Though obviously being that this is my website, I encourage you to vote for yours truly, Cameron Buchholtz.

Episode Thirty Three - Steve Hofstetter

Episode Thirty Three welcomes comedian Steve Hofstetter. Recorded in a 2002 Volkwagon Passat while driving down I-35 between Denton and Dallas, TX.

Episode Thirty Two welcomes Austin comedians Matt Bearden and Lucas Molandes. Recorded at Mugshots in Austin, Texas.

Episode Thirty One - Dan Cummins & Taylor Stewart


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Episode Thirty One welcomes comedian Dan Cummins (Comedy Central, Warner Bros. Records) and ballerina/my girlfriend Taylor Stewart. Recorded at Firelake Grand Casino in Shawnee, OK.

Don't forget to watch Dan's new Comedy Central hour special Crazy with a Capitol F this Saturday May 29th.

Episode Thirty - Jacob Abello & Brine Webb


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Episode Thirty welcomes musicians Jacob Abello & Brine Webb. Recorded at Blu Bistro and Wine Bar in Norman, OK.

Neil Hamburger in Norman

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Opolis, Norman OK

Neil Hamburger
(Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Tenacious D)

(Comedy Central Records)

Cameron Buchholtz

9pm | All Ages | $10 in Advance | $12 Day of show
*$2 surcharge under 21

June 28th - Doug Benson in OKC

CB Radio and present
(Super High Me, VH1's Best Week Ever, Comedy Central)
Graham Elwood
Leah Kayajanian
Cameron Buchholtz

June 28th, 2010
Doors @ 7:00 Show @ 7:30
City Arts Center
3000 General Pershing Ave (at Fair Park)

Tickets on sale now at & Guestroom Records

Sponsored by:
Forward Foods
New World Pizza
Hook Echo Sound
Nice People Records
Robot Saves City: A Comedy Label
Guestroom Records
The Library Bar & Grill
Brickshaw Buggy
Fowler Volkswagon
Atomic Lotus Tattoo
Chad Moody: The Drug Lawyer

Episode Twenty Nine - John Roy & AJ Finney

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Episode Twenty Nine welcomes comedians John Roy (Chicago, IL) and AJ Finney (Kansas City, MO).

Paul F. Tompkins' Used Used Car Lot

This is amazing.

Episode Twenty Eight welcomes Norman Music Festival organizers Quentin Bomgardner and Jonathon Fowler. Recorded at Blu Bistro & Wine Bar in Norman, OK. Norman Music Festival takes place April 24th & 25th, 2010.

Episode Twenty Seven welcomes comedians Paul F. Tompkins and Spencer Hicks. Recorded backstage at the Lakeshore Theater in Dallas, Texas.

CB Radio Live! from Cameron Buchholtz on Vimeo.

Episode Twenty Six - Eric Nauni & Rianna Schofield

Episode Twenty Six welcomes Eric Nauni (Student Film, Gang Star Museum) and Rianna Schofield (Student Film). Recorded at Eric's apartment in Midwest City, OK. Plus, a big announcement for Oklahoma comedy.

Make sure to download the new Student Film EP "Armed and Trained" for FREE from Nice People Records.

Episode Twenty Five - Deacon Gray & Joel Decker

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Episode Twenty Five welcomes winner of the Great American Comedy Festival and New Talent Coordinator at ComedyWorks in Denver, Deacon Gray, and comedian and Oklahoma City Thunder emcee Joel Decker.

In Memoriam: Andrew Koenig

As I've stated many times before, the thing that made me want to do stand up comedy and sparked my real obsession with it was the Never Not Funny podcast. This week a member of the NNF family was lost. I didn't know Andrew Koenig, but after listening to hours of him talking and laughing on NNF, I do feel like he was a friend. He will be greatly missed.


Episode Twenty Four - Live Show!

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Episode Twenty Four welcomes guests T.R. DeGraw, Carson Jobe, and BradChad Porter for our first ever live show. Recorded in on stage in front of an audience at the 51st. St. Speakeasy in Oklahoma City as part of the weekly Thursdays Don't Suck comedy show.

Our friend Andrew Koenig is missing. He was last seen in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver on February 14th. If you have any information, please contact Constable Ralla (604.717.2967) or Detective Payette (604.717.2534) of the Vancouver police (case #202029519). If you know anyone in Vancouver, please pass on this information along with Andrew's picture. Our thoughts are with Andrew's family and we hope for his safe return.

Episode Twenty Three - Henry Owings & Joe Pettis

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Episode Twenty Three welcomes Henry Owings and comedian Joe Pettis. Recorded at Three Points Pizza and Firebird's Bar in Atlanta, GA.

The Oklahoma Daily

My good friend (and friend of CB Radio) Caitlin Turner was nice enough to profile me for the University of Oklahoma's student newspaper The Oklahoma Daily.

Brother, can you spare a laugh?
Caitlin Turner/The Daily
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cameron Buchholtz was never the class clown. He was the kid in the back of the classroom making fun of the class clown.

Not everyone has the opportunity to translate a childhood passion into an adult career. For Buchholtz, comedy was first a passion and later a profession.

“ I follow comedy like other people follow sports or music, which isn’t very common, even among comedians,” Buchholtz said.

In Norman, comedians are not common either. But every Tuesday at Othello’s, an Italian restaurant and bar on Campus Corner, the microphone is open for anyone looking to impart their comedic skill on an audience.

The humorists arrive around 9 p.m. to sign up for the show which starts at about 10 p.m. Buchholtz performs every week along with a few other regulars who range from graduate students to senior citizens.

On this particular Tuesday night, the place is full of people, but only about half of them are listening and laughing. It doesn’t bother Buchholtz, though — he sees Othello’s as a place to test new material and perfect the material he takes out on the road.

For about a year and a half he has been traveling to Austin, Little Rock and, occasionally, Atlanta to perform.

He’s Okie-bred though, and regularly gets up in front of crowds at the Loony Bin and the Speakeasy in Oklahoma City. He’s become somewhat of an Oklahoma comedy veteran, but it took him awhile to take a stab at something he has loved for awhile now.

The comedy bug bit him after he started watching Comedy Central Presents in middle school, around his sixth grade year.

“I watched it just because it was dirty, and in sixth grade that was cool,” Buchholtz said.

After years of following the Los Angeles comedy scene it was a podcast from one of his favorite comedians, Jimmy Pardo, that inspired him to start performing.

“In some form comedy will be my career, “Buchholtz said. “I might write or do radio, which is an option that is pretty common.”

Since then, Buchholtz has started CB Radio, a podcast of his own that is available on iTunes, and Feb. 11 he will be recording his first live show at the Speakeasy. It was through his podcast he got to meet his mentor-from-a-distance, Jimmy Pardo, as well as Web Soup writer, Jonah Ray. The podcasts have a simple format, essentially an hour of conversation between a few interesting people.

His comedy has taken on a particularly foul-mouthed tone as well. He rarely writes jokes about himself and focuses more on pop culture and somewhat observational humor. When something funny occurs to him he jots it down in his phone and fleshes it out later.

“My style is sort of an amalgamation of several different comics,” Buchholtz said. “Paul F. Tompkins is amazing and recently I have been into Moshe Kasher.”

Watching other comedians has helped him develop his own stand-up skills. One of his biggest and, consequently, least successful shows was last year at Norman Music Festival in front of an audience at The Red Room at maximum capacity.

Some of his jokes were, well, let’s just say a little off color and were not received too well. There comes a point in every live show in which a laugh doesn’t follow a joke, but what is the protocol for this situation?

“You can’t ignore the fact that people aren’t laughing,” Buchholtz said. You have to build off of the awkwardness.”

Comedy isn’t always about laughing. Buchholtz admitted to having an emotional reaction to one of his favorite comedians passing away when he was in high school.

“I remember I started crying in my computer class when I found out that Mitch Hedberg died,” Buchholtz said. “I cry easily, but I don’t cry about real things. I cry about T.V. shows, I had to stop watching reality shows because even their heartfelt montages make me cry.”

Hopefully, Buchholtz will be moving to Austin in August and continue on his quest for a career in comedy. Austin is just a “stepping stone” city from which he will launch himself into Los Angeles.

“I don’t want to be super famous. I would rather just be successful and make a living doing what I love,” Buchholtz said.

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Episode Twenty Two welcomes comedy veteran Maria Bamford and Austin comedian Kerri Lendo. Frequent guest BradChad Porter also makes an appearance. Recorded at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, TX.

Episode Twenty One - Matt Braunger & Martha Kelly

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Episode Twenty One welcomes comedians Matt Braunger and Martha Kelly. Recorded at the Cap City Comedy Club and the Coldtown Theater in Austin, Texas.

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Episode Twenty welcomes comedian and Oklahoma City Thunder house emcee Joel Decker and humorist Chad McNaughton (The Lost Ogle). Recorded at Chad's house in Midwest City, OK.

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Episode Nineteen welcomes comedians Genevieve Rice and Bradchad Porter to discuss Arizona, blue balls, and strip clubs. Actually, we mostly just discuss strip clubs.