Goodbye Oklahoma

Yup, I'm moving. Finger tattoo be damned. As of this coming Friday, I will be a resident of Austin, Texas. That's why my calendar is looking so thin. I'm going to be spending the coming months hitting every open mic I can in Austin trying to get established in that scene.

But before I leave I am doing a four night run of performing in OKC that pretty much encapsulates my time doing comedy here. The very first time I stepped on stage was at Othello's in Norman. The first time I ever got paid doing comedy was at the 51st. St. Speakeasy. The first comedy club I ever performed at was the Loony Bin. And the first time I performed in a theater was at the City Arts Center. I really hope to see all my Oklahoma friends out at one of these shows.

Monday, August 30th - City Arts Center 7 p.m. (w/Todd Barry)
Tuesday, August 31st - Othello's
Wednesday, September 1st - Loony Bin Comedy Club
Thursday, September 2nd - Thursday's Don't Suck at the 51st. St. Speakeasy