Thanks in large part to my friend Tate James over at The Apache House, I've recently become quite interested in where people do their work. It combines a lot of different things I'm interested in, most notably tech and how people use it.

So with that in mind, here is how my workspace currently looks:

Notice the extreme nerdery. Instead of having a regular desk, I just use my coffee table and am always able to sit on my couch. The lap desk that my Macbook sits on makes this easy and comfortable. I do everything from basic internetting and email, social networking, and school work, to working on my stand up comedy and recording my weekly podcast CB Radio here. It should be appearing over at The Apache House in the near future as well.

If this kind of thing interests you, it's probably worth your time to head over to Lifehacker. They have some pretty awesome featured workspaces, including ones from celebrities, as well as really useful and interesting workspace tips.

Episode Six - Doug Benson & Graham Elwood

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Episode six welcomes comedians Doug Benson (Super High Me, Best Week Ever) and Graham Elwood. The episode was recorded backstage at the McKinney Performing Arts Center in McKinney, TX before and during their show.

A few weeks ago, I drove up to Kansas City to record to an episode of CB Radio with the uber hilarious comedian Matt Braunger (MADtv, Comedy Central Records) at Stanford and Sons Comedy Club. I got to see two of his shows, then recorded what I thought was a really hilarious episode with Braunger and his feature that week, AJ Finney. Then, after leaving the club, I realize that the recording flat out didn't work, and I hadn't gotten any of it. I'm not exactly what happened, but I'm sure it boils down to me not having any idea what I'm doing when it comes to audio recording, which is also why the audio quality of CB Radio is often so terrible.

I'm still learning how this stuff works and am doing so by just doing it. So I suppose this blog post has two points a) Matt Braunger was an awesome guest that I hope to have on again soon and actually be able to release his hilarity and b) bear with me when it comes to audio quality. Hopefully what's being recorded is funny and interesting enough that it doesn't matter if it isn't actually level or the clearest of recording.
Episode five welcomes comedians Dan Skaggs & Kristin Rand to mostly just talk about vaginas. Recorded at the 51st St. Speakeasy in Oklahoma City.

Episode Four - Spencer Hicks & Shane Parks

Episode four welcomes Oklahoma City comedians Spencer Hicks and Shane Parks.

Episode Three - Leah Kayajanian & Derek Smith

Episode Three welcomes the 2009 Oklahoma City Funniest Person Leah Kayajanian and Chicago-bound Derek Smith of 796 Entertainment.

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