I made The Lost Ogle.

I really shouldn't be all that excited about having my picture on a local blog, but for some reason I am. I read The Lost Ogle pretty much every day (despite disagreeing with them a good chunk of the time) and think their whole Cardboard Jim Traber series is pretty hilarious.
"Cardboard Jim told these yardbirds what it’s like to be a big time radio star. Cardboard Cornett told them about Bob Cortese. The guy on the right starred in Rushmore and is in the band Coconut Records."

The picture was taken while I was being interview by The Wire. And I suppose I should somewhat flattered by the Jason Schwartzman comparison (even though it's one I hear fairly often).

My good friend and fellow comedian Derek Smith (of 796 Entertainment) also made the NMF Cardboard Jim piece, which is notable not just because his picture is awesome, but because The Lost Ogle recently bashed Derek's podcast.
"This guy kept demanding that we give him Brent Skarky’s phone number. We told him that Regular Jim Traber knows Brent Skarky. This satisfied the guy."