OKC's Funniest Person - Leah Kayajanian

The Loony Bin Comedy Club's annual Oklahoma Comedy Competition is now over, and the winner is Leah Kayajanian. Leah killed it both nights, and clearly deserved her victory.

You can see Leah every week at Othello's in Norman, and frequently at the Loony Bin and 51st st. Speakeasy. Earlier this year, Leah also won the University of Oklahoma's Funniest Person award. If you are not familiar with her, do youself a favor and check her out.

Congrats also goes out the 2nd place finisher Brian Stephens and 3rd place Stan Silliman.

Even though I didn't make it out of the first round, I was very happy with my set, and the competition was still a lot of fun and provided invaluable inexperience. I look forward to competing again next year.