Monotonix 'Body Language" Review

Originally published in the OCCC Pioneer on August 18th, 2008.

When a band is as completely insane on stage as Monotonix, albums simply can’t live up to the live show.

It’s impossible for an album to capture flaming cymbals and trash cans on heads, and they certainly can’t spray you with beer and various bodily fluids; all of which are commonplace at a Monotonix live show.

The band, which hails from Tel Aviv, Israel, first caught many people’s attention at this year’s SXSW music festival. They were simply the craziest band in Austin this year, even if their actual music was rarely discussed.

The “Body Language” EP, the band’s first American release, does a serviceable job of capturing the band’s energy.

The six relentless songs pound the senses with screaming guitars, driving drums and singer hell-bent on being the living definition of rock ‘n’ roll.

The band is a combination of post-punk, metal, classic rock and garage rock and is clearly influenced by bands such as The Stooges, Blue Cheer and MC-5.

The songs are simple, straightforward and to the point. It’s difficult not to headbang or pump your fists while listening, especially during the title track.

But rocking out is really all it’s good for. At the end of the day, it’s just too shallow and not memorable enough.

If you are looking for a solid album that rocks from start to finish, than “Body Language” may be just what you want. But it’s still no replacement for seeing the band live.

Monotonix will be performing at the Conservatory in Oklahoma City on Oct. 8.