Doug Benson "Professional Humoredian" Review

Originally published in the OCCC Pioneer on August 18th, 2008.

Comedian Doug Benson has recently beaten the stereotype of the lazy pot smoker.

He appears weekly on the VH1 show “Best Week Ever,” co-wrote and stars in the off-Broadway show “The Marijuana-logues,” starred in his own documentary “Super High Me,” and released his debut album “Professional Humoredian.” He’s a self-proclaimed “multi-tasking pot smoker.”

“Professional Humore-dian” was recorded at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles on April 20, and was recently released on A Special Thing Records, which also released records by Paul F. Tompkins, the Sklar Brothers and Jen Kirkman.

The album begins with Benson explaining how audiences may know him. He says they may recognize him from “Best Week Ever” where he says things like “Did you hear Britney Spears got back together?”

The album is decidedly silly. Benson discusses everything from his sexual habits to his favorite movies using silly voices and weird sayings. Some of the biggest laughs on album don’t come from the actual punch lines but from the small little things he says between jokes.

Benson is mostly known for being a pot-comic and much of the material on “Professional Humoredian” lives up to that. He discusses anti-pot ads, the best things to eat when high, medical marijuana and his experience filming “Super High Me.”

The whole album has a very casual vibe and it’s clear that Benson is completely comfortable in his material and his stage persona. Benson just seems incredibly likable throughout; so much so that’s it’s easy to forgive a few of the bits that don’t quite work.

The audience also adds to the casualness of the album. It sounds as though Benson is simply performing for his friends; in fact, comedian Jimmy Dore’s loud, unique laugh can be heard at various moments.

Overall, “Professional Humoredian” is a silly and hilarious comedy record released at a time when few comedy albums make it to market.

“Professional Humoredian” is available at or from iTunes.