Dreamer 6: Organized Organics

Originally in The Oklahoma Daily on September 28th, 2007.

Dreamer Concepts is a non-profit organization and art studio located in downtown Norman. It started because founder Amber Clour wanted to make a difference in Norman.

“I had a jewelry company, and instead of opening a storefront for it, I opened Dreamer Concepts,” Clour said. “I wanted to help bring in more community and culture to Norman.”

Opening tonight is the new exhibit “Dreamer 6: Organized Organics,” featuring non-profit design organization Mudsill, photographer and Norman High student Dani Knight, and painter Angela Renee Chase.

“We started with the group Mudsill, confirmed their installation, and looked over the other applicants,” Clour said. “We chose Dani Knight and Angela Renee Chase because they all kind of fit together.”

“Dreamer 6: Organized Organics” is different than anything featured at Dreamer Concepts before.

“It’s the first time we ever had an installation,” Clour said. “It’s a totally different style than anything we have had.”

Mudsill is a non-profit design organization that aims to better the world.

“Mudsill redefines the traditional understanding of the built environment,” the group said in a mission statement on the Dreamer Concepts Web site. “Rather than placing new objects in the world, Mudsill searches for discarded objects, pre-existing within that world, which can be re-arranged, adapted and reused.”

Photographer Dani Knight’s work focuses mostly on nature.

“I love to explore countries, cultures and backyards,” Knight said on the Dreamer Concepts Web site. “I use these as evidence of these adventures to show people that there is beauty in the most unexpected places. That all you have to do is open your eyes.”

Painter Angela Renee Chase also focuses on nature. She creates free-form organic pieces with paint and mixed media.

“I now look at any medium as just an available tool that I can use to create something that is pleasing to me, then to reveal to other people what I’ve been feeling,” Chase said on the Dreamer Concepts Web site.

Clour said she expects a diverse group to attend the opening tonight.

“You have a group of professional architects that have done amazing things, and then you have a high school student and a college student,” said Clour. “I am excited to see who shows. I think we are always pleasantly surprised.”