Mainsite White Walls Sound Experiments

Originally in The Oklahoma Daily on October 26th, 2007.

If you happen to be walking down Main Street tonight, don’t be surprised to hear some strange noises coming from the Mainsite Art Gallery. Sound artist Jon Mooneyham will be taking part in an improvised sound performance along with other musicians and dancers.

“It’s an exploration of sound and creation of noise,” Mainsite director Christian Pitt said. “It might just be noise, or it might be something else.”

Jon Mooneyham will be mixing on turntables to anchor the event, but beyond that, Pitt is unsure of what to expect.

“Whoever decides to show up will influence what happens,” Pitt said. “It’s all very loose, with no real format.”

Mooneyham also goes by the name DJ Bronzai and has been a prominent local DJ for quite some time. He has also been involved with the Flaming Lips, providing graphic design for the band, and even playing guitar with them for a short time.

Members of local bands Anvil Flute and Ghosts of Monkshood are also scheduled to take part, but don’t expect the music to reflect the bands’ regular sound.

“The openness is not tied to traditional music,” Pitt said. “It won’t be a part of any one genre.”

The event will take place tomorrow night at the Mainsite Gallery in downtown Norman.

“It will be a unique event that cannot be reproduced or replicated,” Pitt said.

DJ Bronzai will also perform this Wednesday night at the Opolis as part of the second annual “Hallopolis.”