Originally in The Oklahoma Daily on September 8th, 2007.

Students planning on heading to Campus Corner tonight may have a bit of trouble finding a parking spot. Not necessarily because it’s going to be extra packed (though it might), but because instead of a parking lot behind the Turquoise CafĂ© and Pepe Delgados there will be a stage on which Norman bands Galapagos and Bridge Road Caravan will be performing.

“Tomorrow night for us is really all about exposure and getting our name out there to people who have never heard of us,” said Galapagos drummer Kiel Dehnert said. “Ultimately, though, the evening is for Bridge Road Caravan.

“It’s their first time to play together in 3 years or so. Therefore, they are all pretty pumped about the show. It’s going to be really exciting to get to be there to help them out.”

Galapagos have been around for less than two years, yet have already built a good sized following and have played several packed shows, including a string of shows at the Deli, a notable show at the New York Pizza and an appearence at this year’s Groovefest.

The band’s unique blend of rock, jazz, and funk draws much of it’s inspiration from bands like the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Chicago.

“We are kind of similar to a modern day Cream who got a couple more members and listened to a bunch of funk,” Dehnert said.