Wizard World Dallas

Originally in The Oklahoma Daily on November 20th, 2007.

The fifth annual Wizard World Texas took place this weekend in Arlington. Wizard World Texas is the biggest comic book and pop culture convention in the southwest. It brings together many of the biggest names in comics and allows fans to meet many of the creators.

The convention was divided into three parts: the convention floor where retailers sold comics and comic-related merchandise; Artist Alley, where the writers and artists have booths; and discussion panels.

Friday’s biggest panel was the DC Nation Q&A with DC executive editor Dan Didio and DC vice president Bob Wayne. The two answered questions about everything DC, including what’s happening in upcoming comics and “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Justice League” movies. The panel was casual and jokes were made throughout. Bob Wayne had some fun with a young boy sitting in the front who was wearing a Spiderman shirt. Wayne gave the boy his card and told him he would send him some proper clothes. Didio and Wayne not only discussed DC Comics, but also the comic industry in general, including what effect the WGA strike might have on the industry.

“Good writers are good writers, and if they want to come work for us, we would be more than happy to have them,” Didio said. “But the idea that we’ll have a flood of TV and movie writers rushing in to do comics probably isn’t that true.”

On Saturday legendary cover artist Joe Jusko hosted a seminar, giving fans a step-by-step look into how he paints his covers. Jusko had some problems with his laptop, but a fan in the audience was kind enough to lend Jusko his to finish the speech.

“People have asked me for years how I worked and how I get the effects that I achieve,” Jusko said. “And so when I was working one day, I decided to shoot my process step-by-step. I put it online originally to see how it would go over, and got great feedback. So Wizard asked me what I wanted to do, I decided to do that.”

Sunday, the convention’s guest of honor, “Smallville’s” Supergirl, Lauren Vandervoot, hosted a Q&A.

Although Wizard World Texas is the largest convention in the area, it’s still small compared many others.

“This is a smaller-scale show, but the people here are very supportive,” said Mathew Mohammed, writer and creator of the “Black Bastard” comic. “It may not be the biggest show, but the fans are great. That’s why I’ll keep coming back.”